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Times Brown Mauzo has lived in the shadow of Vera Sidika

Musician Brown Mauzo has been accused of riding on the fame of his wife, socialite Vera Sidika.

The couple have been in the limelight since they started dating and Vera has been accused of financing Mauzo and paying various bills in their relationship.

However, she has repeatedly denied the claims, insisting that she is an independent woman who does not depend on men to live a good life.

Vera has defended herself and her husband against the allegations.

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Vera Sidika on the set of RHON.
Vera Sidika on the set of RHON. PHOTO| COURTESY

She argues that being an independent woman is an important ‘flex’ and that her life remains the same whether there is a man in her life or not.

“My lifestyle has stayed the same for 10 years now, whether I’m in a relationship or single because I’m independent,” she clarified on her social media.

“You’ll never see my crown slip because I earned it, it wasn’t given to me. When did being an independent woman become a bad thing? ft, you guys are so confused you don’t even know which story to go by. Is it sponsored or did I pay for it? Please pick a fight.”

Vera has also defended Mauzo, saying that he has other sources of income apart from music and that he is a responsible man with his life in order.

“By the way, you should know better. If you only knew the assets my husband has, you’d be sitting quietly in a village. He’s just not the type to flaunt or talk. Just because he’s an artist doesn’t mean he hasn’t got his sh*t together, my friend,” Vera said.

Despite Vera’s defence, some people have criticised the couple, saying that Mauzo lives in the shadow of his wife.

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Vera Sidika with hubby, Brwon Mauzo at the gender reveal party.
Vera Sidika with hubby, Brwon Mauzo at the gender reveal party. PHOTO | COURTESY

Vera has responded by saying that her independence should not be viewed negatively and that Mauzo’s success should not be downplayed.

The couple’s relationship has been the subject of much speculation and controversy, with some people accusing them of financial impropriety.

“You live in a society where you drive Range Rovers and don’t own property and think that’s a flex. Some people invest in important things and never make noise. I’m loud, I know. My husband isn’t. And just because he’s not doesn’t mean he hasn’t got his life together. Y’all know I’m smart enough to make the right decisions, so move on.”

However, Vera has maintained that she is an independent woman who loves her husband and that Mauzo has other sources of income outside of music.

It remains to be seen how the couple will overcome these challenges and maintain their popularity in the future.

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