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Brown Mauzo dark past leaves Vera Sidika weeping on RHON show

Vera Sidika, the popular socialite and Real Housewives of Nairobi cast member, recently got emotional during a gathering with her co-cast members.

Vera and her girls were out for a glam all-white brunch hosted by Posh Palace CEO Susan Kaittany.

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The topic of discussion turned to post-divorce arrangements and coping mechanisms, and Vera shared her struggles as a stepmom.

Vera revealed that her husband, Brown Mauzo, has other children from previous relationships and has been unable to see them for about two years.

This situation has been difficult for Vera, who has never been in a relationship with someone with kids.

She admitted that she didn’t know how to handle it at first.

To make matters worse, one of Brown Mauzo’s baby mamas, Fatma Idha, has publicly accused him of being a deadbeat dad to their child.

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Brown Mauzo and Fatma shared a three-year-old daughter and were married before he and Vera got together.

Vera also spoke about another of Brown Mauzo’s baby mamas, which causes her stress. The woman insults Vera and Brown Mauzo and only acts friendly on social media.

“You can’t abuse a man’s wife and think it’s cool because ya’ll have a baby together…then online they’ll say I have no problem with Vera. She seems nice…yet won’t give me peace,” Vera said.

She adds that the baby mama insults her and the husband Brown Mauzo, has to defend her for the insults to stop.

“Will call and abuse me as if I’m the one who got her pregnant until my husband shuts her off and puts her in her place.”

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Vera said she feels like she can’t even defend herself because the woman is the mother of Brown Mauzo’s child.

Vera said that Brown Mauzo tries to see his children despite these challenges. He even goes to their school, but they have changed schools multiple times.

Vera said that she sometimes feels bad about the situation and wonders why it has to happen to her.

Sonal, one of Vera’s co-cast members, asked if Brown Mauzo’s baby mamas were punishing him for choosing Vera.

Vera said she didn’t think so and didn’t blame them for being upset about the situation.

She also said that Brown Mauzo has to defend her from insults and abuse from his exes, which can be stressful for both.

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