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Vera Sidika: Why I blocked Corazon Kwamboka, Noti Flow

By Beth Nyambura February 28th, 2023 2 min read

Socialite and Businesswoman Vera Sidika has explained why she blocks people on her social media.

The mother of two exclusively told Nairobi News that she does not entertain any form of negativity in her life.

“I don’t like negativity and once I feel like you are a negative person in my space, I just block you,” she said.

Vera added that in the past she has reduced her circle of friends after she realized some did not wish well for her.

“Even my friends, if I have one who is always giving negative vibes, I stop being their friend. Life is full of positivity. It is a good space,” she said.

In the past, Vera has talked about blocking fellow celebrities on her Instagram page.

According to Vera, some of the people who had claimed she had blocked them know exactly why she blocked them.

Corazon Kwamboka told Mungai Eve that Vera blocked her for no reason as they had not even interacted.

“First of all, I don’t check her (Vera) page since for some reason I am blocked and I don’t know why since we have never interacted,” Corazon said.

Asked why she was blocked, Corazon said; “I knew for many years that she had blocked me but now I don’t know if she unblocked me since I don’t even bother. We have never interacted.”

Noti Flow also commented saying she had been blocked.

She said in the interview that the list of people she has blocked is huge and that she would not stop blocking anyone she feels is not bringing positive energy into her life.

Vera stated that she also blocks those who show her fake love on her page but leave nasty comments about her on other social media pages.

“What’s funny is that they will open fake accounts to watch every move while running around like cry babies ati they’ve been blocked. Lol. Will you die? Is the block a death sentence abeg?”

“People who really don’t care about being blocked won’t even bother mentioning they’re blocked. That’s irrelevant. they keep it moving. but maybe it hurts like a bitch that’s why they will always talk about it.”

Vera Sidika is currently featuring in the newly launched reality show, The Real Housewives of Nairobi which airs every Thursday on Showmax.

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