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Mnikome! pastor Kiengei’s wife denies breakup rumours, confronts critics on the altar

The founder and reverend of Jesus Christ Compassion Ministry (JCM), Ben Kiengei, alongside his wife, Mugure, made a bold statement on Sunday, February 25, addressing social media speculation surrounding their marriage.

The couple, who found themselves under the scrutiny of online critics due to Mugure’s absence from several church services, decided to confront the issue head-on.

In response to the online rumors, Mugure unequivocally declared her unwavering commitment to her husband and marriage, dismissing any suggestions of separation.

“I got married at 21 years, and there are so many people who have left their marriages since then. But I have people who advise me, and those who are looking forward to me dumping my husband. First, I am not leaving my husband because I love him,” she asserted during a church address.

Highlighting her faith and dedication to her role as an anointed woman of the church, Mugure emphasized her reluctance to entertain gossip that could potentially undermine the sanctity of their union.

“I am also an anointed woman of the church, and I do not want to play with the anointing. If it was not for God, I would have quit, and the church would have fallen. Look for something else to trend but leave me alone,” she urged.

Meanwhile, Reverend Kiengei expressed his surprise at the extent to which social media has become a platform for people to pass judgment on the marital status of others.

“Before, marriage was guided by relatives. My wife is not a community wife; she is mine. We don’t share a wife with social media. Stop scrutinizing my marriage,” he emphasized.

Kiengei, who was previously married to TV presenter Keziah Wa Kariuki until their divorce in 2016, addressed the public’s interest in his personal life, stating firmly, “I am the one who looked for her and not social media.”

Kiengei and his wife Mugure have two children together.

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