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Jacky B and actress wife Michelle suffer loss of unborn child

Renowned gospel music producer Jacky B and his actress wife Brenda Michelle have shared the devastating news of losing their unborn child.

Jacky B poured out his emotions on his socials, disclosing his wife had endured a challenging two months marked by illness and ultimately the tragic loss of their unborn baby in January.

In a gesture of support and love, Jacky surprised Michelle with a new phone to lift her spirits amidst the overwhelming sorrow.

“My wife has had a very rough 2 months, she was sick from December to the last week of January. We lost our unborn baby in January. I decided to surprise her with a new phone just to make her smile kidogo😊. She deserves this and more. @miss_brenda_michelle,” Jacky shared, expressing his unwavering support for his grieving wife.

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Away from this profound loss, Michelle has also grappled with the passing of her grandfather, compounding the anguish she has endured in recent times.

Jacky explained the immense pressure Michelle has faced, noting that she has struggled to cope with the successive blows of losing loved ones.

He added that his wife has been isolating herself and rarely leaves the house.

“She has been going through a tough time. She has not been herself lately. She lost her grandpa and we also suffered a miscarriage in January. She prefers to isolate herself and does not leave the house much,” Jacky revealed, shedding light on Michelle’s emotional turmoil.

Michelle, celebrated for her captivating performances, particularly in the popular series ‘Zora,’ has endeared herself to audiences with her talent and charisma.

The news of her personal tragedy has elicited an outpouring of support and condolences from fans and colleagues across the entertainment industry.

fabulously_chic: Condolences for everything, and it’s heartwarming to see your unwavering support for each other.

blessings_faith: She truly deserves the best ❤️. Trusting that God will restore her joy.

Cynthiawmwangi: Offering love and light her way ❤️❤️❤️.

joyjonnes1: Sending hugs to both of you 😍😍she deserves all the love ❤️

kriserroh: ❤️ That’s wonderful. May your marriage be filled with even more love and laughter.

ms.suzzienjoka: You carry yourself with such grace despite all you’re going through @miss_brenda_michelle, 🫂. Wishing you happier days ahead.

otieno_annet: Hoping you find solace after such a challenging time, and it’s heartening to see her smile after your thoughtful gesture 😍