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Modern relationship struggles: Egos, unfulfilled expectations, and the lost wisdom of the past

Romantic relationships are a pain point to numerous individuals, many are yet to heal from the trauma they experienced in their pursuit.

The cry for love and the anguish of a broken heart appear to dominate many conversations and even comedic sketches.

It seems as though numerous people are seeking to escape from themselves in the hope of finding love or something greater.

The pain points have resulted in some giving up on their dreams of finding true love.

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While older couples seem to have mastered the art of dealing with different personality traits, modern couples are grappling with identity issues, which come at a significant cost.

Traditionally, men have been associated with having egos, and older or millennial women were taught to respect their men and avoid hurting their egos.

However, modern women appear to have not only mastered the art of protecting a man’s ego but also developed egos of their own.

Davis Chris shares his experience in dealing with modern women, emphasizing the importance of men feeling respected.

“Competition in relationships is highly evident, to the extent that some women consider doing tasks like washing their partner’s clothes as an insult, yet they yearn for unconditional love. In response, some men treat such women more as equals than as romantic partners. I have dated a lady who wanted me to give her my hard-earned money and my time but she wasn’t willing to even cook rice,” Chris told Nairobi News.

James Mutiso, a Nairobi resident, expresses his concerns about modern relationships, highlighting that many fathers fail to educate their daughters about marriage and their roles within it, leaving modern women feeling confused about their expectations.

Men are not inherently stingy; it’s their nature to be generous towards women. However, some men become reluctant to be generous due to power struggles and the need to prove a point in modern relationships. As a result, they withdraw, allowing women to contend with themselves.

Despite the empowerment of modern women, many have lost touch with the fundamental values passed down by their mothers, abandoning ancient wisdom imparted by their parents. Instead of holding onto the philosophies of great thinkers like Plato, they have forsaken the age-old wisdom of their ancestors.