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Moral cop Mutua wants Ethic arrested for their new ‘Soko’ video

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) chief executive Ezekiel Mutua has reported the song Soko by Ethic Entertainment to Youtube and it has has since been hidden.

The moral cop also wants the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to arrest and prosecute the producers of the song for child abuse and pedophilia allegations.

“We have gotten in touch with Google, who owns Youtube. We want that channel suspended. That video is disgusting. It’s promoting child abuse and pedophilia, we cannot condone it,” Mutua said.

“We are also going to pursue this matter with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). This time, we are also going for the producers, not just the artists. I mean, why would you produce such content? We will begin shutting down those studios,” Mutua warned.

Acording to the KFCB boss, the lyrics of the song detail normalization of the rape culture and pedophilia, which he said will do more harm to the youth in the society.

He further noted that the video depicted immorality and needed to be condemned.

“Do these perverted producers have children? How does a sane adult try to normalize rape, prostitution or paedophilia in the name of gengetone hits? The video Soko by Ethic Entertainment is a despicable piece of immorality that should be condemned by all right-thinking people,” Mutua said.

Issues between Ethic and Mutua started last year as they clashed when the group released Tarimbo, whose lyrics some claimed promoted rape.

Mutua said Soko was worse than Tarimbo: “When they did Tarimbo, it was terrible, and they were given a warning. They were informed that if they continue putting out such dirty content, their channel would be suspended.”