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Morgan Heritage blasts Tanzanian authorities for banning their song

Grammy Award winning reggae band Morgan Heritage has blasted Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) for continuing to ban their hit song ‘Hallelujah’ featuring Diamond Platnumz.

The song which was released in September 2017 was banned by TCRA from receiving airplay last year, five months after its release.

After consultation with Tanzania Art and Music Regulatory Board (Basata), TCRA reached a decision to ban the song over what it termed it as being against the country’s morals.

TCRA and Basata argued that the song was actually blasphemous with the video praising indecent ladies.


However, Morgan Heritage, who visited Kenya for the first time since the ban, have disagreed with the two bodies, stating that they did nothing wrong by glorifying women using Biblical literature.

“The Bible say God created woman when He saw man lonely. So we will never stop, ever glorifying woman in a positive way. Because when we do it and we use the bit*h word, we get crucified. Now we say ‘Hallelujah’ we get in trouble. They say we blasphemy. Let the woman be praised Hallelujah,” vocalist Roy “Gramps” Morgan said.

Despite the ban, the song has attracted more than 10.5 million views on YouTube besides being a club banger.