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MP Salaysa meets the lady who expressed a desire to be his wife

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya met the woman who had expressed her wish to be his wife.

The MP had turned down the proposal from a lady identified as Lavyn Shantell. He shared a video on his Facebook page informing his fans that he had met the lady.

Earlier, Salaysia had expressed uncertainty about his readiness for such a commitment.

“I heard this is trending and I am not sure if I can handle her,” Salasya wrote in his Facebook post.

His candid response prompted reactions from his followers, with one fan, Bramwell Abueka, reminding him of the responsibility of representing the Luhya nation.

“Whatever you do, know that you are representing the entire Luhya nation,” Abueka commented.

Another supporter, Mc Anguka Lulei, commended Salasya for his honesty and acknowledged his straightforwardness in addressing the situation.

The proposal, initiated by a woman named Lavyn Shantell, gained traction on social media after she was pictured holding a poster asking the MP to consider marrying her.

Shantell even posted her phone number, eagerly awaiting Salasya’s response.

Nairobi News tried to contact the Ms Shantell, but her phone was not reachable. It was switched off. We also noted that the number is listed on True Caller as “Salaysa”.

This isn’t the first time Salasya’s marital status and preferences have come under scrutiny.

In 2022, he outlined the qualities he was looking for in an ideal partner, stressing the importance of finding a God-fearing woman with an interest in politics to support him in his endeavours.

Despite marriage proposals and attention from admirers, Salasya remains resolute in his decision to remain single.

In a candid statement, Salasya emphasised the demands of his political position.

“Surely, where will I find the time to seduce women? You know, with power comes more responsibility. If I just lazed around, it would be possible, but now I have many responsibilities”.

The politician revealed that he receives numerous messages from interested women, but remains focused on his political goals.

“Many ladies write to me. These messages are always there. But in life, you have to be focused. For me to be an MP, I had to give up some things. I had to stay single. Because if I got a little money, I had to use it for campaigns instead of treating a lady. If I had loved women, I wouldn’t have become an MP because I wouldn’t have got anywhere. Sometimes you give up something to achieve something big,” Salasya said.