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MP tips unmarried male police officers on how to get wives during Azimio protests

Erstwhile ‘unknown’ nominated Kakamega MCA, Ms Jael Omunyang’oli, went viral early this week after Lurambi Member of Parliament, Bishop Titus Khamala, described her body in a provocative manner.

Bishop Khamala made the remarks while reacting to the use of a wooden baton by anti-riot police on the MCA’s backside after she was arrested while participating in protests by Azimio la Umoja supporters in Kakamega.

Ms Omunyang’oli was dressed in tight blue jeans and a white shirt, while holding on to an ugali cooking stick as she was escorted to a police vehicle by several male officers.

One of the officers used his wooden baton to thrice spank the politician on her backside but it would appear due to the fracas surrounding her and being pulled all over the place by other officers, Omunyang’oli did not visibly react.

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“I have just seen police here in Kakamega beating MCA Jael. Jael is a beautiful woman, kienyeji (born and raised in rural Kenya), and then a police officer takes his baton and hits her behind like this. On Jael’s behind. And this is a figured woman, well figured. I just realized that sometimes this police work is hard. I thank God I am not a policeman, let me just be the bishop in the church,” Bishop Khamala said on social media.

“I don’t understand how a well-built woman (as he shapes her behind) like Jael, with her behind and supporting documents, with a CV! A policeman cannot even see the work of the Lord (as he continued shaping out her bottom using his hands),” he said in jest.

Poilice officers arrests ODM nominated Member of County Assembly of Kakamega Jael Omunyang’oli who attempted to demonstrate at Jua Kali market in Kakamega town on March 27, 2023. PHOTO | ISAAC WALE

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Days later, Bishop Khamala and Ms Omunyang’oli met and appeared in another video together. Bishop Khamala yet again began describing the MCA’s body and her experience during the maandamano as the MCA laughed along.

“Now here we are, I’ve met up with Honorable Jael, member of the County Assembly, nominated by the Orange Democratic Movement party. This Jael is the one we had been talking about the other day and the entire country knew who Jael is. Jael I am happy to see you. I vehemently defended you three days ago and we warned the police to be watchful,” Bishop Khamala said.

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“You know, when you are an officer, sometimes when you are sent to demonstrations, know that God works in mysterious ways. You might be there and you are single, a bachelor and you have gone there with a rungu (wooden police baton). When you see a well-figured woman like Jael, and you are single, know that God can provide (a wife) during the demonstrations. God’s provision can be witnessed during demonstrations. So when you are firing teargas, set your eyes upon the crowd, scan around and if you see a woman like Jael, quickly store back your teargas and tell her ‘give me your number,” the MP went.

The MP further advised police officers to inform their commanders that “hii imeenda” (this woman has been taken).  It was at this point that Ms Omunyango’li injected to thank the MP for defending her.

The legislator said this was just a means of him paving the way for younger leaders like Omunyango’li, adding that he wants her to grow politically.

“Stay strong. When the teargas is lobbed and the police starts looking at your ‘supporting documents’, tell them not to hit you with their particular wooden rungus,” Bishop Khamala in a fit of laughter.

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