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MPs call for expansion of Jogoo and Landhies roads

Members of Parliament want the government to expedite the expansion of two major roads in Nairobi to ease traffic flow.

The lawmakers said enlarging Jogoo and Landhies roads would go a long way in resolving the traffic menace in the city.

The MPs, who were debating  a Motion that requires the government to acquire land to expand the two roads, said it was crucial that city residents access the central business district with ease to conduct their business without any hassles.

“We need to reconsider the city’s transport plan if we are to deal with the issue of traffic jams,” said the sponsor of the Motion, Embakasi North MP James Gakuya.

The legislators also asked the government to do away with roundabouts, which, they said, were contributing heavily to the congestion on the roads.

The government is expected to acquire land from the Railway Pensioners’ Scheme for the expansion of the two roads.

However, Minority Leader Francis Nyenze said it would not be enough to just enlarge the two roads.

“We should look at the whole traffic congestion problem and expand other key roads as well,” he said.

“The main reason we have traffic jams in the city is the roundabouts. Let us sort them out and we will have dealt with over 90 per cent of the problem,” Mr Nyenze said.

Suba MP John Mbadi called on the government to think of an alternative mode of transport.

“We need a reliable transport system so we can leave our cars at home,” he said.

Kilome MP Regina Mutua said: “Jogoo Road is one of the most important, as it connects the city to the many estates in the Eastlands and to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. We need to fix it.”

The MPs said that unless the traffic menace was sorted out, it would  scare away investors.

“At times, you have to start your journey four hours early to reach airport on time,” Ms Mutua said.