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Musician KRG the Don slapped with 350k child support

Musician and media influencer Karuga Kimani’s estranged wife Linah Wanjiru has moved to court to demand monthly spousal support.

According to court documents, the mother of the musician’s two children says she’s been forced to move in with her mother after their separation after he kicked them out of his house and failed to provide for upkeep. The decision to return home, she adds, has caused her mental distress.

She’s now claiming Sh350,000 for upkeep.

Wanjiru adds in the court papers that she needs spousal support to continue maintaining the lifestyle she was accorded by her estranged husband before their separation.

She’s asked for Sh160,000 for house rent, Sh50,000 for groceries, food, fruits and dry grain, Sh25,000 for milk, Sh50,000 for clothing, Sh30,000, for electricity, Sh15,000 for water and finally Sh20,000 for toiletries.

Reacting to the new development, KRG who recently filed for divorce from her, dismissed the demands accusing Wanjoru of sleeping around and going out to drink at the expense of their kids.

“I don’t know who told people you can maintain an ex-wife who has been sleeping around and leaving behind my kids so she can go out and drink with useless people. I wish they knew how much information and evidence I have against them. They will see it in court and just collapse,” he said.

The musician, commonly known as KRG the Don, went ahead to rope his ex-wife’s relatives into their woes claiming they contributed to their failed marriage.

“Your cousins are just misleading you since all they wanted was to see you down to their level including your sister. You can tell by now, you are the breadwinner in your house yet you are jobless so where do they expect you to get money from if not from ‘wera’ (work)?” he pondered.

The musician went ahead and blasted Wanjiru saying that he tried to reconcile with her and he was the one who made all the effort including using traditional means that included slaughtering a goat.

“You don’t have to lie to people or play the victim here that you tried reconciling yet I spent months chasing you since I never wanted my kids to suffer but you became ignorant because I was giving you cash and freedom to sleep around using my money after taking my family efforts for granted,” he added.

In October, the Kairetu hitmaker shared court documents where he cited cruelty, desertion, adultery, and willful neglect in the marriage.

The development comes a week after he had shared a cryptic message on his social media accounts hitting out at his baby mama accusing her of following her sister’s advice.

“She used to be the person I loved the most but she wasted herself by listening to silly advisers who wanted to ruin her life since she was above dem all by everything yet she was the youngest ………. Okay Kweli sikio la kufa haliski dawa she choose her sister over her own kids,” alleged the rapper.

In 2019, the musician denied reports that the two had separated saying, “We manage our relationship Ok. Life has different challenges and we are human beings and we have issues sometimes but we are good. We have not separated. Why should we separate we are family and we will always be family.”

The estranged couple tied the knot in 2014 and were blessed with two sons Naem and Naville.