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My husband’s disappearance has made life unbearable, wife of Mbijiwe’s friend says

Ms Cynthia Salome, the wife of Mathew Namasaka, who has been missing since 2021, says that life has become hard since her husband disappeared.

Speaking to Nairobi News Ms Salome said that security expert Mwenda Mbijiwe, with whom her husband was last seen, had promised to take them to Dubai in December 2021.

“I even don’t have money to take my son to school, things became hard after my husband disappeared without a trace,” Ms Salome said, adding that she now lives with her sister and brother.

This made her move to Kibera from Congo in Kawangware, Nairobi County.

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According to Ms Salome on June 11, 2021 Mr Mbijiwe drove himself to their place and spent time with Mr Namasaka .

She blamed the media for giving her husband’s disappearance lesser coverage as compared to that of Mr Mbijiwe.

“He was Mr Mbijiwe’s driver and they were very close. I knew Mbijiwe through my husband,” she said.

Ms Salome denied any knowledge of her husband’s allegedly criminal activities, but recalled one occasion when Mr Namasaka court after he was found in possession of an Identity Card which was not his.

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On the morning of June 12, 2021, Mr Mbijiwe and Mr Namasaka left for an unknown destination and on that day, the latter, according to Ms Salome, even made a word of prayer before leaving his home.

That was the last day Mr Namasaka was seen by his wife.

It remains unclear where Mr Mbijiwe and Mr Namasaka were heading but the security analyst had reached out to his family in Meru County asking his mother to prepare mukimo for him.

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