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Nairobi chef a butt of jokes after bungling meal order – PHOTO

August 2nd, 2016 2 min read

A chef at Hotel Boulevard in Nairobi is a laughing stock for taking things literally when he presented chopped cheese, freshly cut red onions and green chili to a customer who had asked for “cheesy onion rings”.

The customer was Sam Ferguson, 28 from Worcester, UK who recently relocated to Nairobi for work.


So, while out on a date with his partner, Mr Ferguson, after perusing the menu, settled on the sumptuous cheesy onion rings, a quintessential British meal.

But the chef at Boulevard took things literally and prepared this meal.


Yet, this is what Mr Ferguson was expecting.


The couple took a photo of the picture, which was eventually posted on reddit by Ferguson’s brother.

It had been viewed 500,000 times before it was deleted, reports Mirror and Daily Mail.

Comments ranged from shock to serves-you-right.

A reddit user wrote: “Man…this actually is one of my huge pet peeves. Who goes to a foreign country with their own culture, customs, and different food, and orders cheesy onion rings? I mean, unless the kids is 6. Then I get it. But seriously. I remember being in midtown Manhattan with a group of kids from the central valley in California, and they all went to Chilis to eat. I was so pissed.”

Another quipped: “This is what happens when you travel around the world and still wait for having exactly the same that you left on your country.”

Another said: “Went to a diner with my friends. It’s a place we go all the time. My friend orders her standard, fries with cheese and gravy. It’s an item on the menu that exact way. We’ve gotten it there before. Waitress brings out a plate of fries, a bowl of gravy, and a plate with three slices of american cheese on it. No, this isn’t how this is usually served. The waitress seemed really confused by our confusion.”