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Nairobians caught unawares by Tuesday morning’s massive traffic snarl-up

Residents of Nairobi on Tuesday morning woke up to a massive traffic snarl-up that affected major roads coming into the CBD.

Motorists, including passengers using Public Service Vehicles (PSVs), heading to their respective places of work spent more than two hours on the road.

Police had blocked some roads to give clearance to dignitaries and officials attending a conference at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

The conference is organised by the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) to discuss on reproductive health and gender equality.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is among high profile guests who are attending the conference that begun on Tuesday and is expected to end on Thursday.

Roads that were mostly affected include Mombasa road, Jogoo road, Langata Road, Kiambu Road, Thika Superhighway.

Many Nairobians were caught unaware, especially since no notice was issued by traffic police beforehand.

“The #ICPD25 #NairobiSummit exposing the very worst of the neglected traffic situation in Nairobi. All city roads clogged up as VIPS get road clearance from airport to hotels to KICC, leaving residents stuck on the roads. The cost of bad governance and leadership. Let’s enjoy it,” tweeted @SaddiqueShaban.

“Langata road inakaa showroom leo.. Yaani magari zimejazana mbaya. Alafu naskia from Nyayo to Wilson Airport ni kama Bungoma hadi Voi. Wooi.. Mbali,” said @KiplangShaddie.

“These conferences should be held outside the CBD…. too much traffic on both Mombasa road and Langata road,” wrote @JawJess.

“TWO HOURS 30 MINUTES SO FAR ON THIKA ROAD!!!!!! THE HELL!!!” commented @Shallie.

“Very heavy traffic on Thika rd. starting at Survey towards Nairobi,” said @Thikatowntoday.

“Why do we also bend over backwards for visitors, from dedicated cups to removing plastic coverings from our chairs at home to making them zoom through our normally congested highways?” asked @SokoMad.