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Nairobi’s Invergara Club club introduces 5k penalty for guests ‘misusing washrooms’

By Winnie Mabel November 18th, 2023 2 min read

Humans are social beings and as such, enjoy spending time in various locations. Often, these meetings and hangouts would be characterized with food and drinks. The difference in the outcome of these hangouts is how much alcohol ends up being consumed and how the people drinking begin behaving.

As is common in clubs, after hours of imbibing, the washrooms tend to be a disaster. For some revelers, the heady mix of alcohol transforms the washrooms into a stage for unrestrained misbehavior. On this ‘stage’, drunk revelers struggle with their loss of self control and end up soiling the washrooms from the sinks, lavatories and even the floors with either vomit, body fluids or human waste.

Human waste is one of the biggest issues one such joint in the city is grappling with. A private club located in the leafy suburbs of Lavington, Nairobi County, has been forced to institute a surcharge of Sh 5,000 on guests of members who misuse their washrooms.

In a notice to members dated earlier this week, the Invergara Club wrote to the Private Members Club informing them they had been experiencing ugly scenes in their washrooms, especially caused by guest who overindulged in drinks.

“The club has recently been experiencing ugly scenes where guests of members, after indulging in drinks, have been soiling the club’s washrooms (throwing up and relieving themselves on the floor.) The most recent incident occurred on Monday 13th of November, rendering the washrooms completely unusable for other members,” began the notice.

It went on, “Much as we appreciate that people have different tolerance levels for alcohol, be advised that should such incidents occur, the member whose guests will be found culpable will be liable to a surcharge of Sh 5,000 as a special cleaning fee. Also, note that its the responsibility of every member to ensure that their guests adhere to the rules and regulations of the club. Let us keep our club clean and decent,” concluded the notice by management.

Invergara Club was founded in 1948 and is a private members only club. The Club was established to cater for the entertainment and social needs of the early settler community in Lavington, Valley Arcade, Kileleshwa, Kilimani and neighboring areas. The club offers restaurant services, suites that come with modern equipment and “most luxurious, super-speed internet access”, outdoor facilities for rest and enjoyment.

Guests are welcome on location with members of the club.