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NEMA identifies religious institutions as major contributors to noise pollution

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has ranked religious establishments, such as churches and mosques, as the most contributors to noise pollution in Kenya.

In a recent announcement by NEMA, it was revealed that religious institutions are responsible for 60% of the noise pollution in the country while 40% of noise pollution was attributed to other significant sources, such as clubs, parties, and events.

NEMA clarified that the noise complaints stemming from religious institutions primarily result from the use of outdoor speakers, continuous music playing, night vigils, prayers, sermons, and call to prayer with loudspeakers.

In response to this issue, NEMA encouraged religious institutions to adopt responsible noise management practices.

“The complaints from religious institutions arise from the mounting of speakers outside their premises and playing music the whole day as well as night vigils, prayers, sermons and call for prayers where loudspeakers are used.”

The Authority further called upon religious leaders, community representatives, and other relevant stakeholders to establish a collaborative and constructive relationship that emphasizes the importance of responsible noise management.

NEMA stressed that religious institutions can reduce noise while preserving the cultural and spiritual significance of their practices.

Additionally, NEMA reaffirmed its commitment to educating the public on environmental matters to ensure the health and safety of all Kenyans.

The agency emphasized the importance of collaboration and mutual respect between religious leaders and communities in creating a harmonious living environment.

Earlier this year, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja expressed his concerns about noise pollution originating from churches in the city.

He also expressed his intent to address the issue of noisy bars and clubs that inconvenience city residents.

On October, 3 the Nairobi County Liquor Licensing Board said it was set to deregister 40 nightclubs accused of engaging in noise pollution.

The move came after police officers and officials from the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) nabbed 26 club managers and confiscated 30 shisha pots during a raid in Kibra and Dagoretti North constituencies.

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