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Netizens react to Director Trevor’s taking over Eve Mungai’s ‘brand’ assets

By Freya Wanjiku February 20th, 2024 2 min read

The public breakup between YouTube power couple Director Trevor and his long-term girlfriend Mungai Eve is the talk of the town.

However, netizens have reacted to how the split has led to the subsequent rebranding of their previously shared social media accounts.

On one end of the divide are Kenyans who rallied behind Mungai Eve saying she is a brand and should open new YouTube and social media channels. Others congratulated Trevor for retaining the pages saying that’s how it should be.

While the debate of who owns the IP rights rages on Kenyans are divided and what the other party needs to do, here are some comments from their fans.

“Dear ladies None of your business should fall in love, Period! Never program your life around a man, otherwise itakuwa mbaya 😢. If all this is true, I stand with Mungai Eve she has really built her brand😢,” wrote Dianah Kamande.

“Trevor was so wise for not sharing the social media passwords with Eve Mungai in their 4 years of dating. Hangekua mjanja saa hii kingemramba mbaya sana,” said Juddah.

“I would rather be a BRAND than have a channel. Eve Mungai has WON. Afungue channel and grow it, in 1 year she will be somewhere winning,” opined Naomi Waithira.

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“Trevor was wise. In their 4 years of dating, he never shared his YouTube logins to Mungai Eve,” said Rodgers Kipembe.

“Eve Mungai ameenda na brand, Director Trevor ameenda na social media platforms. It is a WIN WIN situation,” thought Cornelius Ronoh.

“One thing I have learnt from this story of Director Trevor and Eve Mungai is that don’t mix business with pleasure. It will flop big time,” said Allan Obare.

“Men, from the Mungai Eve and Director Trevor ordeal, always be a step ahead in everything. Never be predictable,” wrote Tobiko.

In a post on his Instagram stories, Director Trevor made a quip to interest his fans saying, “Someone sitting in the shade because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Subsequent posts would then be a question of whether his fans were ready for a rebranding from Mungai Eve to Kenya Online Media.

Still wanting to divulge more details, he posed a question and answer segment which he asked, “Ask me anything.”

His fans eager to know what had happened asked, “Will you be working with Eve?” to which he replied with, “No her services are no longer needed in the following platforms, YouTube 754K subscribers, Insta Fame 104K subscribers, and Facebook 874K followers.”