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‘Walking’ newborn baby stuns midwives – VIDEO

Nurses in a Brazil hospital were left shocked after a newborn baby girl appeared to make attempts to walk just minutes after she was born.

The video of the baby, which was uploaded to social media on Friday, has stunned viewers who declared the new born attempt to walk is nothing short of a miracle.

In the video, a midwife is seen cradling the little baby across the chest and supporting her weight with one arm, as the wrestles to walk on her own.

The midwife, who is dressed in surgical robes with a clinical mask over her mouth, is heard crying out in amazement: “Oh my gosh, the girl is walking. Good gracious!”

Another person in the room who is capturing the moment on camera declares: “Wait let me film this.”


The midwife then lifts the baby up and returns the infant back to the original position and in an astounding burst of strength, the baby refuses to lie down on her front, pushes up onto her legs and resumes her astonishing journey across the neonatal table once again.

The video has gone viral with over 50 million views and 1.3 million shares on Facebook.

Few details are available to identify whose baby it is.

A newborn normally takes up to 12 months to learn to walk and that usually comes only after they have achieved and passed other major milestones in their development such as hand to eye coordination, sitting up and crawling.

Meanwhile, there have been several reports of babies as young as six months old walking on their own, unaided.

But this newborn appears to have incredible determination and it looks as though there will be no stopping her.