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New Facebook app will stop you posting embarrassing pictures

Facebook is mulling inventing an application that will stop users posting embarrassing pictures of themselves while drunk.

At Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research Department, which is headed by Yann LeCun, geeks are racking their brains on how to develop an “artificial assistant”, who will recognise when you are about to post a selfie of your night out that you may not want others to see.

“‘Intelligent digital assistant’ would tell you (virtually) ‘Uh, this is being posted publicly. Are you sure you want your boss and your mother to see this?’” Mr LeCun told Wired.


The application will use a technology called “deep learning” which will be able to distinguish between your drunken self and your sober self. This would come in handy during this festive season when most people let go.

“Imagine that you had an intelligent digital assistant which would mediate your interaction with your friends and also with content on Facebook.”

The social media site might also soon have a capacity to alert you whenever a user, who is not your friend, publishes a picture of you without your explicit approval.

“You will have a single point of contact to mediate your interaction but also to protect your private information,” LeCun said.