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No reunion! Vera dismisses speculation of reuniting with ex-Brown Mauzo

Speculation about a possible reconciliation between socialite Vera Sidika and her ex-husband Fredrick Kilonzo Mutinda, aka Brown Mauzo, has been dismissed by the socialite herself.

The rumours started swirling after Vera shared a heartwarming video on social media of her daughter, Asia Brown, waking her up in the morning.

In the clip, Vera captured the sweet interaction with her daughter as she shared how Asia brightens her mornings.

“My alarm clock. She wakes me up every morning, goes into my room, draws the curtains and says good morning,” Vera captioned the video clip.

While the video was a touching moment between mother and daughter, it was a glimpse of an arm tattoo that sparked the rumours.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the tattoo bore a resemblance to an arm tattoo worn by Brown Mauzo, sparking speculation that they were back together and living in the same house.

However, Vera quickly put an end to the rumours by taking to her Instagram Stories to clarify the situation.

She confirmed that the tattoo in question was in fact her own, putting to rest any notion of a reconciliation with her ex-husband.

In response to a fan’s comment who pointed that out, a surprised Vera asked: “Huh, kwani you guys don’t know my arm tattoos?”

She went on to share a photo of the tattoo in question to dispel any rumours of a reunion and prove that it was indeed her arm tattoo.

The clarification comes after Brown Mauzo announced the dissolution of his marriage to Vera Sidika on 30 August 2023.

Brown Mauzo told Nairobi News that despite the initial bliss in their marriage, the mounting problems broke their relationship:

“Attempts to sit down and discuss our problems were futile. We tried to save the marriage but unfortunately, those discussions didn’t lead to a solution. At the same time, numerous factors played a role in the breakdown of the marriage,” he said.