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Vera Sidika: I accumulated millions from first relationship with a politician

Socialite and mother of two, Vera Sidika has explained the path that led her to her extravagant lifestyle.

During a candid Q&A session with her followers on Instagram, Vera revealed that her introduction to the high-end lifestyle came through a romantic relationship with a wealthy politician during her university days.

She recounted how her former partner, a politician exposed her to a world of luxury, where she enjoyed the company of numerous friends and indulged in extravagant outings.

“Let me tell you one funny story. This guy that I dated… he was like the first guy that I dated that was rich. I was in University and he introduced me to the life… Once I broke up with this guy, I dropped all the girlfriends that I had at that time,” Vera shared.

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However, Vera’s journey to success was not without its challenges.

Following the end of her relationship, she said she found herself back at square one, determined to rebuild her life from scratch.

Undeterred by adversity, she persevered, eventually carving out her own path to success and affluence.

Addressing inquiries about her relationships and friendships, Vera acknowledged her preference for a small, intimate circle.

She revealed that past experiences with fake friends, dating back 12 years before her rise to fame, taught her valuable lessons about the importance of discernment and trust.

“I used to have a crowd!!! So many friends until I saw their true colours and cut everyone off… Only the real ones stuck with me,” Vera said.

Previously, Vera stated that the politician, who was unmarried during their relationship, served as her initial and sole benefactor.

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Vera justified her choice to engage in a romantic relationship with the older gentleman by stating:

“He was in a situation where he was divorced, he was also older than me. He treated me so well and did a lot of things for me but he did not like the fact that I was in the modelling industry and hustling here and there working.”

“I was also living very far from him, on Thika Road, which was near Kenyatta University. So it got to a point where he said, ‘As my girlfriend, I want to help you’,” she said in an interview with a Tanzanian media house.

The socialite-turned-businessperson narrated how they met.

“It has been an interesting journey. I left Mombasa for Nairobi. It is a big city and the culture is different from that in Mombasa.

Life is fast-paced. I joined the modelling industry as I studied at Kenyatta University. During the holidays, I would go back to Mombasa. At the time there were beach parties.

“At one of the parties, there was a man who loved me. We talked, he liked me and we kept in touch. He lived in Nairobi at the time, I did not know that he was a prominent businessman.”

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Vera mentioned that the businessman was in love and lavished her with extravagant gifts.

“That is normal, he gave me money. A lot of it. You cannot have a rich and successful man and you are looking jaded and broke.

He would give me money for shopping. To say the truth, I had never seen [so much money] in my entire life! He would give me money and it would shock me.

“After two or three weeks of him showering me with gifts and money, I thought to myself, ‘This is money I’m not used to getting. I have to start saving.’ I dated him for one and a half years. Every Friday, for all those years, I would go to the bank and deposit the money he had given me.”

The romance eventually fizzled out and Vera had some tough decisions to make.

“If I was stupid and afraid of what my classmates would say about me, I would have spent all the money I had saved to maintain that lifestyle, but I did not. I moved from the posh apartment to a middle-class neighbourhood and started [taking] a matatu to school. But I knew that I had saved my millions from that relationship.”