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Lawyer Danstan Omari says Charlene Ruto is entitled to Office of First Daughter

By Wangu Kanuri December 14th, 2022 2 min read

Lawyer Danstan Omari has shared his legal perspective of the office of the First Daughter which President William Ruto’s daughter, Charlene Ruto, claims she holds. The lawyer has further asked Kenyans to let Charlene be, saying that there is no legal provision that hinders her from having such a title.

He pointed out that Charlene might be just excited to be the daughter of the Head of State and can call herself any title she so wishes.

“Nobody stops her from doing charity work. Nobody stops anybody in this country from doing charity work so long as it is not credited to the consolidated account, exchequer or state funds. That title is not known by law but nobody can take her to court because it is a title for self actualization,” Mr Omari said.

“The name First Daughter is not protected under the Emblems and Names Act which provides that she cannot call herself the President, Deputy President, Cabinet Secretary as these are protected. Kenyans should not take offense about a young girl who is feeling good so long as audit queries do not arise one day,” the lawyer explained.

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However, Omari cautioned that problems could arise if President Ruto exited the office and it comes to light that Charlene was being funded by the government to do her charity work.

“Once the Head of State leaves questions will arise as she has been seen all over. Was she funded by the tax payers money? If it is the father who is taking his own salary and funding the daughter there are no worries.

There is no problem with family business funding what is going on. The problem would be if state funds are being used to fund her,” he said.

“But she is entitled to security as the daughter of the President of the Republic of Kenya. An entitlement is provided for her in terms of where she will stay. She can stay in State House. She can use government vehicles as the head of state’s daughter.”

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A recent video captured Charlene introducing a team that she said is from the Office of the First Daughter.

The video created an online buzz since the Kenyan constitution does not have a provision for such an office. Charlene clarify that the said Office of the First Daughter is a private entity.

“The Office of the First Daughter is a private entity. It is neither a constitutional office nor is it being funded by Kenyan taxpayers. The office runs to purely facilitate the activities of and any programmes being run by Ms Charlene Ruto,” she said in a press statement.

She further said through its independent structure and facilitators, the office had engaged various players across the country and beyond in line with some of its objectives championing youth-based agendas and climate change advocacy.

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