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Nyaboke Ongera: Meet this differently abled Kenyan girl boldly taking on Tik Tok

By Winnie Mabel November 1st, 2022 2 min read

Scott Hamilton once said the only disability in life is a bad attitude; and after coming across the Tik Tok page of a Kenyan lady by the name Zipporah Nyaboke Ongera (@aynesiny), Nairobi News understands what Scott Hamilton meant.

See, Zipporah is differently abled- in layman terms, she has a disability- but it has not held her back from living her life boldly and taking on Tik Tok as well.

#Be your own kind of beautiful, #Be Unique and #Disabled are the tags she’s put up on her Tik Tok bio section and she lives out her affirmations daily.

Our curiosity about Zipporah peaked when we came across videos of her dancing sensually in several of her Tik Tok posts as well as participating in international dance challenges.

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Yes, she has the moves unlike this Nairobi News writer who can’t dance to save her life!

When she’s not dancing, she’s making hilarious social commentary on various life situations. For example, she hilariously reacted to a video of a Caucasian explaining how men can really, genuinely love one woman at a time and branded him a liar.

She also hilariously reacted to a video in which a young school-going girl revealed that she had just moved out of her parents’ home into her own apartment after completing high school, wondering how people could move so early when she was still at home.

Zipporah is also into fashion, manicures, and pedicures; and hanging out with friends in large groups as is common with young people in their early twenties. She also sells clothes with life-affirming messages including her favorite quote, Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.

In her social media introduction video, she revealed that she was born with only her right hand and describes herself as beautifully made and ‘flawsome’.

At 23 years old, she continues to believe that God makes no mistakes and does everything people with two hands can do including chopping vegetables.

Of course, when someone is thriving, there will always be haters. Zipporah, in one of her posts, revealed how she dealt with hateful comments.

“Yeah, I do try to pretend that the negative comments are not there but, man, they are there. But anyway, it’s my life and so I’ll continue pretending,” said Zipporah as Sia’s Unstoppable song played in the background of the video.

Zipporah is the epitome of joy, fun, bold, funny and innovative as seen in her Tik Tok postings and we stun babes who courageously go forth and conquer.