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Octopizzo criticises the impact of social media on emerging artists

Renowned rapper Octopizzo, also known as Namba Nane, has sparked debate within the music industry with his recent comments on the perceived impact of social media on emerging artists.

In a candid assessment, Octopizzo suggested that the proliferation of social media platforms has contributed to a decline in the work ethic of up-and-coming musicians, ultimately hindering their longevity and impact in the industry.

Referring to the rise and fall of many promising acts in recent years, Octopizzo attributed this phenomenon to what he perceived as a lack of dedication and effort on the part of aspiring artists.

He argued that the convenience of social media has fostered a sense of complacency, with many artists relying solely on online platforms to promote their music, rather than actively engaging in the rigorous grind required for success.

According to Octopizzo, the ease of releasing music on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube has created a culture of passivity, where artists expect instant recognition and success without putting in the necessary groundwork.

Drawing on his own experiences as an artist, he contrasted the hustle and bustle of his early days, where physical distribution and relentless promotion were the norm, with the perceived apathy of the current generation.

“In our day, we didn’t have the luxury of waiting for trends or relying on social media algorithms,” Octopizzo remarked.

“We hustled, we pounded the pavement, we sold CDs on the street because that’s what it took to make it. But now it seems like a lot of young artists are content to just upload a song and hope for the best.

Octopizzo emphasised the importance of sustained effort and a hunger for success, lamenting the apparent lack of drive among contemporary artists.

He pointed out the discrepancy in work ethic, noting that while some artists may achieve temporary success with a hit song or viral trend, few have the enduring commitment necessary to build a lasting career.

Challenging the prevailing mindset within the industry, Octopizzo called for a return to the grit and determination that characterised his own rise to fame.

He urged aspiring artists to shun complacency and embrace a relentless pursuit of excellence, emphasising the value of consistent output and perseverance in the face of adversity.

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