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Open letter to Diana Marua and Bahati over latest naughty video

Just how far is going too far in the name of content creation?

Yesterday, a video emerged online of singer Kevin Kioko alias Bahati, and his wife, influencer Diana Marua, lying on a bed with Bahati beneath her private parts and him recording them in the compromising position. Diana was dressed in an orange nightdress, lying on her stomach and Bahati’s entire face beneath her private area and thighs as he kept spanking her, lifting her assets up and exposing her underwear. This video elicited mixed reactions as many called out the blatant sexual nature of the video which they believed would have best stayed in the phone gallery.

Again, I ask, just how far is going too far in the name of content creation and chasing fame?

Diana and Bahati are young parents to an adopted male teenager and two toddlers. Their children have social  media pages dedicated to them, thus will have access to what is posted about them and regarding their family. In light of this latest video, for a couple who are infamous for clout chasing, are they losing touch with the morals and culture of the society they live in?

We don’t deny that they are traditionally married and can do as they please in the bedroom but where does the respect for each other and the public begin and end when they share such content to followers, many of whom always claim to look up to them as family goals, relationship goals and role models?

This milk has already poured and there are no hopes for this couple to backtrack and try to appear or even fake to be sorry about the video. It is highly unlikely they will even have any regrets that this video may cost them brand partnerships, respect from the community and their immediate families. It remains to be seen but for now, going forward, here are a few tips the couple could consider before oversharing content that does not build their image or help the society in any way unless their intention is to now become that couple that “unites Kenyans” with lewd content:

Dear Diana and Bahati (I begin with you Diana because you are older and hopefully you could have known better?), next time, be sensitive to cultural, social, and emotional aspects. Understand that certain topics or events may be triggering or offensive to some individuals. Exercise empathy and refrain from creating content that could be disrespectful or hurtful. You should also be mindful of respecting the privacy, dignity, and feelings of others. We are a conservative society that is highly private but judgmental when such things occur.

Also, consider the age, interests, and sensitivities of your target audience. Ensure that your content is suitable and appropriate for the intended viewers. Use content warnings or age restrictions when necessary.

At the end of the day, if you don’t care about the above, then consider the legal and ethical boundaries on the platforms where you share such videos. As influencers, you are critical about the number of followers you amass and boast of. Different social media platforms have their own community guidelines and policies. Familiarize yourself with these guidelines to avoid violations and potential consequences such as content removal, account suspension or deletion.

Finally, why don’t the two of you use your judgement and consider the potential impact and repercussions of your content. Being responsible, respectful, and mindful of others’ well-being while expressing your creativity can help strike the right balance in social media content creation.

If all this flies over your head, maybe leave your cameras out of your bedroom?

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