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Origi slams ‘selfish’ football officials as stalemate persists

Harambee Stars and Lillestrom goalkeeper Arnold Origi has launched a scathing attack on Football Kenya Federation and the Kenyan Premier League Limited officials over their feud on the management of the football league.

In a hard hitting, lengthy statement on social media, Origi termed the officials as selfish and challenged his fellow footballers to pull their weight on the impasse.

“The time has come, for us (Kenyan footballers) to stand and be counted. To demand what is rightfully ours from the so called football leaders without any form of fear. For long, we’ve been quiet and turned a blind eye on things.


“The way the national team is handled is a disgrace. There is no professionalism, basic necessities like equipment are lacking and if they are there, they are of the poorest quality and standard, not befitting what people see as ambassadors of our beloved country,” he said.

Turning on KPL, he said: “We have a body running the local league…Yes they have created a league that has a sponsor and matches are being televised. But is that enough? The minimum salary cap is a norm everywhere but not in the KPL.”

Origi’s statement comes at a time when FKF and KPL are running two parallel leagues.

Meanwhile KPL Chief Executive Jack Oguda has confirmed that they have been served with the court order filed by FKF barring them from running a parallel league but noted that their lawyers have already taken up the matter.

The KPL run league kicked off on Saturday with 14 teams taking part.