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Parking fee reprieve just for taxi drivers, official

The Nairobi County government on Saturday clarified that only members of the Kenya Taxi Cab Association have been exempted from paying the new parking fees until the hearing of their application next month.

Lawyer Kennedy Ogetto, in an interview,  said the court had restrained the county government from charging daily and seasonal car park fees to members of the association who have paid and have evidence of payment of a valid single business permit with effect from March 11.

He said the association is expected to furnish the county government’s lawyers with the list of its registered members by noon Monday together with evidence of payment for the single business permit.

“From Tuesday, the county government will be allowed to charge or levy fees only for single business permits in relation to taxi operators who are members of the association,” he said.

Mr Ogetto said that those who do not show evidence of payment of single business permit will pay the prescribed daily parking fee and seasonal car park fees.

“The interim exemption applies only to registered members of the association society and not all taxi operators within the county,” he said.

According to Mr Tom Tinega,  an accountant in charge of parking, the county government charges Sh7,000 per year for business permits to taxi operators and Sh6,000 as monthly fees.