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Pastor Ben to Brown Mauzo: Celebrities who’ve hired limousines to welcome their babies

Pastor Ben, also known as Muthee Kiengei of Kameme FM, made headlines on Wednesday when he picked up his wife and newborn daughter from the hospital in a luxurious limousine.

The new father shared a video on his social media platforms, showcasing their ride in a stunning white BMW limousine with a sleek white and black leather interior adorned with BMW logos.

The use of a limousine for such an occasion is not uncommon among high-profile individuals, including famous footballers and presidents, due to its status as one of the most expensive cars in the world.

Renowned for its opulence and comfort, the limousine offers a lavish experience that many find fitting for such a special moment.

Pastor Ben’s fans and followers had mixed reactions to the video and photos he shared.

While some criticized him, accusing him of showboating, others congratulated him on the arrival of his bundle of joy.

In response, the pastor clarified that his intention was not to show off but to bring happiness to his daughter, June Waithira, and his wife, Mugure.

He further explained that the limousine was not his own, but rather a generous gift from a friend on that particular day.

Pastor Ben emphasized that it was essential for everyone to cherish their own children and celebrate them according to their personal means.

“Sio show off kila mtu apende mtoto wake na kwa uwezo wako binafsi vile utaweza fanya kitu mke wako afurahi” (It’s not about showing off; everyone should love their child and do what they can to make their spouse happy).

Pastor Ben is not the only celebrity who has chosen a limousine for a grand post-birth celebration.

In 2021, Vera Sidika, a well-known personality, shared her husband Mauzo’s decision to give their daughter a princess treatment by picking her up in a limousine for her first ride home from the hospital.

Both Vera Sidika and Mauzo expressed their joy and gratitude for their little princess, with Mauzo referring to her as “Daddy’s little girl.”

These instances highlight the different ways in which celebrities choose to celebrate the arrival of their newborns.

While some opt for extravagant gestures like a limousine ride, others may choose alternative ways to mark the special occasion.

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