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‘Pastor’ in trouble for ‘stealing goats

A man who claimed to be a pastor serving at the Israel-Kenya church has pleaded guilty of stealing four goats before an Elodret court.

Timona Keya who appeared before resident Magistrate Tabitha Mbogua on June 29, 2023, pleaded guilty to stealing the four goats.

Despite confessing to the charge, Mr Keya, who arrived in court wearing a church taban to show that he is a staunch follower of the Israel-Kenya church, told the court that he was the last person to be seen with the missing goats hence he was ready to pay the complainant.

The court was told that on June 23, 2023, at Konoiyia village, Turbo sub-county, he stole four goats belonging to Mr Ronald Rono worth Sh33,000.

The pastor told the court that he saved the goats; later they got lost in his hands as a consequence he had no choice but to confess to the charges.

“As a servant of God, I am ready to consult with the plaintiff about how I will pay him for his goats,” he told the court.

The magistrate asked him to declare his position if he stole the livestock or he was falsely persecuted.

In his defense, he said he was ready to carry the cross considering that he was the last person seen with the goats before they were reported missing.

“I am a servant of God and I would not like to waste the court’s time, I was found by those goats and I am ready to pay the plaintiff in installments,” pastor Keya told the court.

Due to his confusion about the charges, the court released him on bail of Sh50 or Sh20 in cash bail awaiting the reading of the facts of the charge.

The case will be mentioned on July 3 for the court to give further directions.