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Pastor Ng’ang’a tells Prophet Kanyari to move on from Betty Bayo, get another wife

By Beth Nyambura December 7th, 2022 2 min read

Neno Evangelism founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a has told Prophet Victor Kanyari to move on and get a wife.

Pastor Kanyari broke up with his ex-wife, singer Betty Bayo, about six years ago.

Kanyari has not been linked to any woman in the public since then although his baby mama has moved on with another man.

Over the weekend, Pastor Kanyari attended Pastor Ng’ang’a’s mega Crusade at the Soweto Jacaranda grounds.

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Prophet Victor Kanyari
Prophet Victor Kanyari

While speaking about the importance of being honest, he noticed Prophet Kanyari was in the house.

Laughing out loud, Pastor Ng’ang’a registered his surprise that Kanyari, a VIP in the God circles, had attended the crusade.

He also wondered aloud how Kanyari had changed physically from the last time he had seen him.

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Ng’ang’a called him at the pulpit to greet the congregation.

“Kwani Kanyari uko hapa? Hii Crusade imekujwa. Prophet, come and say hey to me, na weight mzee, weight. (Oh, Kanyari you are here? Indeed this crusade has been attended well. Prophet, come and say hey to me, and weight man! Weight!).”

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While at the pulpit, Pastor Ng’ang’a also told Kanyari to move on and get another wife.

“I was telling you, si bibi alienda? (Didn’t your wife leave?) There is another one.”

Betty Bayo with his new boyfriend whose identity is yet to be known. PHOTO: COURTESY

Kanyari smiling took the microphone and said he had attended the crusade since Pastor Ng’ang’a was like his spiritual dad.

“I was hiding somewhere behind there since I am afraid, but I thank God.”

Pastor Ng’ang’a went on to state that Pastor Kanyari and other upcoming preachers are fond of making mistakes but he corrects them.

“Two wrongs can never make a right. When I came to Nairobi I was preaching at Pastor Kanyari’s church in Kawangware. I noticed some things were not right and I told him.”

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A few months ago, Kanyari told a local blog that he was willing to be hooked up with an interested ‘good’ woman.

He said he would not be going for looks although he would ask God to guide him in selecting.

“I don’t have a type, God will take care of that but as long as it is someone I can be able to understand and they also understand me, I will be okay,” the pastor added.

In the crusade, Pastor Ng’anga’ also told off preachers who shout too loudly while delivering the word to their congregants.

He described them as too noisy saying the God he serves is an orderly one.

“Unashout mpaka unapoteza sauti. (You shout on the pulpit till you lose your voice).”

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