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Pastor T Mwangi explains why wife takes front car seat over mother

Popular City Evangelist Pastor T Mwangi has shed light on why he prioritizes having his wife occupy the front car seat while his mother takes the back seat.

The pastor’s statement:

“No matter how my mother loves me, she would never give birth for me,” he said.

He firmly insists that his wife deserves the front seat, explaining that the back seat his mother occupies symbolizes honor.

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According to him, when his mother visits, it’s not just her son’s house but their house as a family.

He believes that while his wife and mother may have different preferences in terms of home decor, they both have their own homes to express their tastes.

The choice of whether the wife or mother should sit in the front car seat is a matter that varies based on personal preferences and family dynamics.

“The back seat that my mother is taking is a seat of honour. When my mother comes to visit, she is coming to our house, not her son’s house. Kama wife yangu anapenda curtains za blue na viti za yellow na yeye anapenda maroon na green, lazima ajue this is our house, opinion yake ni fiti but pia yeye ako na her house,” he said.

Pastor T and his wife, Claudia Kahura, are set to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary later this month.

On their fifth anniversary, Pastor T expressed his gratitude, saying:

“We celebrate the Lord as the Kahuras or T’s for His love, care, and protection in our five years of marriage. We have seen the covenantal blessing of marriage and the fruit of the womb in these five years. In an age where marriages are under serious attack, we can only be thankful to God for keeping our marriage.”

There is no universal rule governing this decision, as it can be influenced by cultural and family traditions, the comfort and preferences of the individuals involved, and the purpose of the trip.

Open communication and mutual respect are key in ensuring a harmonious arrangement in such matters.