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People are loving this Facebook rant on Safaricom

One Facebook user has become an internet sensation for telling off telecommunication firm Safaricom.

The user, Givens Mideva’s hilarious Facebook wall post bore curses targeted at the firm for what she termed as “bundles thieving scheme.”

In her post, she described how 150MBs of data cannot last for 30 minutes despite her data saving skills of avoiding Instagram which many perceive to consume a lot of data due to the images shared.

“I know you people have probably been told this a gazillion times but it seems witch doctors from the Congo forest stuck rolls of cotton pads in your ear canals that made you unable to hear,” she wrote.


Mideva’s complain has been shared before on the telecommunication firm’s page where users complain how data bundles get exhausted too fast.

“This daily bundles thing is a thieving scheme. I am on friggen 3G network and 150mbs won’t even last 30 minutes? Check my Instagram even. I don’t go there frequently to think that that will save my data. Politicians are here making my life difficult with the loudspeakers and lies and my network service provider has decided to slide into that bandwagon,” she lamented.

It was Mideva’s curses to Safaricom however that have attracted over 2,000 comments on the viral wall post.

“May you guys always step on a wet spot after wearing socks. May you get pimples inside your noses. May an army of termites invade your armpits. May you get diarrhoea on your honeymoons. May all your downloads fail at 99%, may you pee in the beds of your hosts when you visit their houses and may your eyebrows NEVER match,” she told Safaricom.

Users shared in Mideva’s agony posting screnshots of their data usage reverse messages from Safaricom.

Not even Safaricom’s attempts to assist clients would be welcomed by the angry users.