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‘Please ignore,’ Elsa Majimbo speaks after leaked intimate video

Comedian Elsa Majimbo found herself in an awkward predicament recently when she unintentionally shared a private video meant for her boyfriend with her followers on social media platforms.

In a candid confession to her fans on TikTok, the acclaimed actress revealed that she had intended to share her usual outfit check videos but mistakenly uploaded a recording of herself undressing, meant for her boyfriend.

Expressing her embarrassment and regret, Majimbo urged her followers to disregard the unintended post, emphasising the importance of double-checking content before sharing it online.

“If you’ve seen that video, number one please ignore it. Two always check what you post. It will give you a reflection of life after you see yourself on a social media platform. I just wanted to say I’m sorry, guys, I didn’t mean to expose that kind of content,” she humbly acknowledged.

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While asserting her confidence in her body, Majimbo stressed that she has learned the importance of maintaining privacy and personal boundaries, expressing her desire to share such intimate moments on her own terms.

“And don’t get me wrong, I’m very confident in my body, but I want to do it on my terms and not in such a private and intimate space.”

Addressing the incident with humour and humility, Majimbo further apologised for the unintended exposure, urging her followers to overlook the mishap and act as though they hadn’t seen the video.

In a separate statement to X, Majimbo expressed remorse for the incident, extending her apologies to her audience for the unintentional dissemination of private content.

“I feel so bad for exposing uncalled-for content on my crowd. So sorry about that video, guys, honest mistake. Love y’all,” she reiterated, seeking understanding and forgiveness from her fans.

Reflecting on her personal life, Majimbo also opened up about her recent breakup with her DJ boyfriend, Hkeem, in January 2024.