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Podcaster Adelle Onyango lands lucrative deal with iHeart Radio

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 15th, 2023 2 min read

Adelle Onyango, the CEO and Founder of Legally Clueless Africa, has sealed a partnership deal with iHeart Radio, bringing her new media company’s podcast into iHeart Radio’s Spreaker Prime Network.

This network is dedicated to podcasters and publishers aiming to elevate their podcasts to the next level of monetization and success. It features a curated selection of top-tier podcasts hand-picked by iHeart Radio and invited to join Spreaker Prime.

Mary Carla Acosta das Neves, The Prime Network’s Public Relations specialist, shared her thoughts on the partnership with Legally Clueless Africa.

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“We are honoured to welcome Adelle Onyango to our platform, recognizing her outstanding contributions to women’s empowerment in Africa, particularly in Kenya. As a former radio personality turned podcaster, we are excited to witness this shift in medium, content, and modernization. Through this partnership, we continue to expand our global inventory offering, with a focus on the African audio space,” Neves said.

Podcaster Adelle Onyango. PHOTO | COURTESY

“By adding Legally Clueless to our roster and the Spreaker Prime Network, we aim to showcase a unique brand of content: honest, entertaining, and authentically African. Diversity and relatable storytelling on a global scale are paramount to us,” she added.

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On her part, Adelle expressed great enthusiasm for the partnership.

“The inclusion of the Legally Clueless podcast in iHeart Radio’s Spreaker Prime Network is an exhilarating development. This partnership aligns perfectly with our overarching goal of amplifying African stories on a global scale,” Adelle said.

“Additionally, it represents a significant achievement as a new media company, where we are reshaping what new media means, both for and by Africans. This collaboration will open doors for numerous African creators, enabling them to host sustainable shows and build new media companies. As an African woman leading the charge, this opportunity is impactful and exhilarating,” she added.

The partnership between Adelle’s Legally Clueless Africa and iHeart Radio’s Spreaker Prime Network is poised to further enhance the reach and influence of African storytelling on the global stage while providing opportunities for African content creators to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of new media.

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