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Pokot warrior admits to killing at least 10 people on TV – VIDEO

A Pokot warrior admitted in an interview to killing at least 10 people with his riffle and vowed to keep fighting until their rivals surrender.

In an exclusive investigative report aired on Tuesday evening on NTV, Nicholas Limachia told NTV’s Dennis Okari that he learned to shoot at the age of 10.

The rifle he was carrying has been in his family all his life and that he used to sneak in the forest and target-shoot at the trees.


“To shoot at people that is normal, to us it is normal. Yes, I have killed up to 10 people from Turkana and Marakwet,” said Limachia.

He attributed the fighting to cattle rustling, blaming the other tribes for escalating the situation.

He claimed the government had marginalized the Pokots and taken sides with their rivals.

The persistent clashes over grazing land are said to have evolved from a fight for resources to an extension of boundaries by one community.


He said his community was ready for peace, but he swore he would never surrender his rifle because the government was arming the other communities and leaving them to defend themselves.

He claimed the rival communities were provided more than 240 guns.

Mr Limachia requested the government to let the warring tribes of Pokot, Ilchamus and Tugen communities to fight each other until a community surrenders.


Another Pokot warrior admitted to killing women and children from rival communities.

“We kill anyone we find in the villages, men, women and also children,” said Samuel Akak.