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Police officer killed in Kayole, six suspects gunned down across Nairobi

A police officer was on Friday evening shot dead by suspected thugs he had been tailing in Kayole.

Six suspected thugs were also  shot dead by police in different locations across the city during patrols to tame crime.

Police Constable Boniface Okech of Soweto Police Station was shot dead after one of the gunmen jumped out of a house where they had been cornered with others and opened fire at police officers.

According to the police, the officer’s colleagues fired back and gunned down the suspect.

Police at the scene recovered a homemade gun with 12 bullets while his accomplices managed to escape from the scene.


Nairobi police boss Japheth Koome told Nairobi News that the gang had been on a robbery spree before they were accosted by officers prompting a chase that turned fatal.

“Police will not sit and watch police officers and Kenyans being killed by thugs. Tell other gangsters their days are numbered,” warned Mr Koome.

He added that his officers will be ruthless in dealing with armed criminals.

The suspect was wanted for killing two police officers from Kayole and Soweto last month.

“I buried a corporal from Kayole yesterday. The same gangsters shot dead another officer yesterday,” he said.

In Pangani, police shot dead three other suspects on Friday evening in a botched robbery.

The suspects had been mugging and robbing residents when an alarm was raised alerting police on patrol who responded.