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Police question Nigerian pastor who gets money to show congregation way to heaven

A pastor in Nigeria is under investigation for reportedly telling his congregation that God had showed him the location and gate leading to heaven from south western Nigeria.

According to the BBC, Pastor Ade Abraham was reported to police after he charged one of his followers an equivalent of Sh86,536 to see the supposed site in Araromi-Ugbeshi town, in Ekiti state Nigeria.

But he refuted claims he had received payment in an interview and insisted it was the God he serves who revealed the path to him so that he could try the faith of his church members.

Following the saga, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has disowned the proclamation of pastor Abraham while urging Christians to disregard the fraudulent declaration.

However, the CAN chairman Rev Joseph Hayab, reported that it could not trace the whereabouts of pastor Abraham’s church or find useful information in regards.

“CAN appeals to whosoever knows Ade Abraham or the location of a church in Kaduna linked to the alleged person to furnish it with the information, so that we could work with security agencies to prevent what could further compound the security challenges in the state.”

Additionally, Hayab noted that ‘faceless characters’ like pastor Abraham could easily give the faith of the community a bad name and advised Christians to not rush into accepting every kind of teaching without first studying the scriptures to understand.

Pastor Ade Abraham’s church was originally based in Kogi state then Kaduna state, before moving southwards with his followers to a camp he built in Ekiti state.

Popularly known as Noah Abraham, pastor Ade recently went viral with a video in which he asked worshippers to tell their relatives living overseas to contribute money to his church.