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Politician Jaguar was deported from the US for carrying girlfriend’s photos

Former Starehe MP and renowned Kigeugeu artiste, Charles Jaguar has opened up about a chapter in his life when the allure of a US visa fueled his dreams of a better life.

Speaking candidly in an interview with Kameme FM, Jaguar shared the story of his ambitious attempt to reach the United States, only to face an unexpected twist.

Recalling the early days of his pursuit, Jaguar revealed that his aspirations were initially fueled by the desire to secure a US visa.

Through the assistance of a distant relative, he managed to obtain the document, setting the stage for what he believed would be a life-changing journey.

“I had a distant relative who helped me get a visa to the US. I told him I would be leaving for the US the following week. During those times, going to the US was a very big thing. He gave me his Mercedes, and after I got the visa, I sold everything since I was going. I told everyone about it. I gave my dad my car,” Jaguar recounted.

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However, as he embarked on the journey, Jaguar found himself facing unforeseen challenges.

Lacking sufficient information about his destination and the person who had invited him, he struggled to provide crucial details when questioned.

“At the airport, they asked us to declare what we had. I had like five bags with various luggage which I would give to people once I am in the US. When we landed, I was told to stay aside with my bags. I was asked where I was going, I did not have the details of the person who had invited me,” he explained.

Caught off guard during the deportation process, Jaguar humorously shared his encounter with immigration officials.

The way he had packed multiple bags and carried sentimental photos raised suspicions that he might not return.

“They said the way I had carried so many things looked like I was not going to come back. I had photos of my girlfriends in my bag. They asked me why I carried the photos if I was coming back, and I said, so that I can be looking at her,” Jaguar chuckled.

Ultimately, Jaguar’s dream of reaching the United States was cut short, leading to his deportation back to Kenya.