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Pope Francis loses his cool after being pulled into a crowd

Pope Francis on Tuesday expressed his anger after a person in the crowd pulled and made him stumble while greeting youths in Mexico.

The soft spoken pontiff was for the first time captured on camera losing his cool as he raised his voice at the person who made him stumble.

In a video posted by The Telegraph, a person not captured in the short clip pulls the Pope making him to stumble over a disabled man on a wheelchair.

The pontiff’s aides and security men quickly hold him and as he stands upright he kisses the wheelchair-bound man and goes on to speak to the one who pulled him.

Pope Francis then tells the crowd member in Spanish “No seas egoísta. Qué te pasó, no seas egoísta” which translates to “Don’t be selfish. Don’t be selfish.”


The pontiff was wrapping up his five days trip in Mexico that started on Friday where he addressed youths at a stadium in Mexico’s western city of Morella before the stumbling incident happened.

Pope Francis, dubbed the People’s Pope, is known for his compassion and quest to live a simple life.

While on his various trips around the world, the pontiff always steps out to greet crowds and often picks up babies and kisses them.

His preference for simple cars is seen as he chooses to ride in humble models while in Vatican and during his trips.

His last year’s trip to Kenya saw him ride in a humble Honda Civic and an open double cabin fitted with non-bulletproof glass to allow him a view of the crowd.

Pope Francis always visits slums and low income neighbourhoods while on his tours to different countries.