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Raila urged to kick out ODM ‘ilders’

Opposition leader Raila Odinga should shake up his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leadership and only remain with loyal leaders.

This is the advice of Migori businessman Mr Omar Hussein Ibrahim.

The politician urged Mr Odinga to vet leaders close to him to ascertain their loyalty ahead of what he described as a gruelling political season.

“If we don’t have people of integrity in ODM, the party will lose its popularity and might end up like the Kanu party but we don’t want to go in that direction. ODM must fire some of its officials,” Mr Omar said.

Mr Omar stated that some of the leaders within the party should not be allowed to hold their positions going forward.

“We are asking our party leader Mr Odinga to cleanse this party thoroughly, and start looking for genuine people who can be entrusted to with such positions.”

He disagreed with the remarks made by Mr Odinga concerning the silence from Suna East Member of Parliament, Junet Mohamed.

Recently, while speaking in Tana River County, Mr Odinga defended Junet, a close ally, in the wake of attacks from within the party.

Mr Odinga described information in the media regarding the push to remove Junet from the party as mere gossip.

“Junet has not gone anywhere, he is not going anywhere…Junet is still the Director of Campaigns in OM party and a leader in Azimio La Umoja,” Mr Odinga said.

According to Omar, ODM leader should focus on strengthening the party across the country and avoid talking about Junet and some of the party officials who are not on the forefront in the ongoing exercise.

Mr Odinga has been in a move to market ODM party in its Western Kenya and Coastal strongholds in the past few weeks.

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