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Rapper Bamboo unveils his satanist-turned-evangelist fiancée

After getting saved for the second time, rapper Bamboo has revealed his evangelist Ugandan fiancée Erika.

In a long Facebook post the rapper introduced his fiancée with a touching story of how she was delivered from darkness.

The story however did not go down well with Kenyans who slammed Bamboo for joking with God and creating fiction to gain traction.

In his story, Bamboo narrated how Erika was swallowed by a fish at the source of River Nile and taken to Satan’s kingdom entrance where she was told she would be a slave forever but was delivered seven years later.

“So the Lord sent me to Uganda where I met this beautiful evangelist Erika who is now my fiancée… She wrote a book with her uncle, Evangelist Patrick Wandera about her life. Her grandmother was a witch, so Erika found herself dedicated to Satan at a very tender age. She speaks about how Jesus rescued her from hell and how she got born again. Chameleon of Uganda initiated her and took her to the source of the Nile by force. He got into a boat with her and his assistant who was steering the boat. Chameleon then dropped two eggs into the water, recited an incantation and a whirlwind came with a fish big enough to fit 30 or so people came and opened its mouth. (Such creatures exist, study the book of Jonah) Chameleon jumped in with Erika completely terrified at what was happening to her, the huge fish swallowed them up and took them down to the entrance of Satan’s kingdom,” wrote Bamboo.

He went on narrate how Erika found herself at the feet of Satan describing him as white faced with dog’s teeth, two horns and long claws.

A user wondered, “So Erika is been inside the fish7 yrs ?????Chameleon left her?? Atleast we know hes been out here ??.”

Another added, “Is this guy serious, all the respect I had for him gone.”

Another user encouraged Bamboo, “Satan is real, you can take that to the bank. Keep preaching the gospel bro, mocking of God’s servants will never end, our saviour Jesus Christ equally mocked and spitted upon. Will be praying for you bro.”