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Man whose hand was chopped off cries for justice

A security guard is crying for justice after his right hand was chopped off while guarding his boss’ property at Mutuati in Meru County.

Mr Joseph Kaberia, a father of 14, met the ordeal on December 14 when he was sent by Mr Joseph Muthee to inspect his plot after rumours that a certain businessman in the area was planning to grab it.

“I was not aware that this would turn out to be a tragic day for me. When I got there, two people well known to me appeared, one armed with a machete and the other with a rungu.

“The one with the machete started attacking me and when I tried to block it, it chopped off my right hand,” he said.


A friend who had accompanied him also sustained head and hands injuries after he was also attacked by the two people.

The two were rushed to Kiirua mission hospital where they were treated but what pains them is the pace at which police are handling the matter.

Mr Muthee, (Kaberia’s employer) said he will not relent in seeking justice for his employee who has 14 children, majority of them expected to report for school in January.

“So far no action has been taken. Someone somewhere is blocking justice for Mr Kaberia but we shall try to fight for it no matter what it takes,” he said.

Igembe North police boss Peter Kimani could not be reached for a comment.