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Reduce food prices, Kenyans on TikTok tell Ruto

By Winnie Mabel October 31st, 2022 2 min read

A video emerged on Tik Tok on Saturday, October, 29, 202, where a Kenyan politician from Ukambani recorded President William Ruto as they flew together in the Kenyan ‘Air Force One’ military aircraft and captioned it “Imagine yourself with President Ruto in Air Force One.”

He further went on to ask his Tik Tok followers, “If you had one opportunity to fly on the Air Force with President William Samoei Ruto, just you and the President, what would you tell him? Jamani Mungu halali,” said the politician.

To his questions, hundreds of responses were posted and Nairobi News sampled a few as seen below:

“Shukisha bei ya groceries ama tushuke sis wote chini bila pilot…just for fun. Iit’s indeed a big opportunity to be with him and able to talk to him,” said MainBae.

“Naeza mwambia shida zangu zote mpaka anirushe chini,” laughted one user.

“Say hi to him and please tell him I just want to hug him, my prezo love sana,” added another user.

“I will just tell him to help me and my family and all my money problems,” said Shirley Jakait.

“If we won’t talk about business and money…with that chance I would tel him to fund me to buy a matatu. The interior will be filled with his pictures…outside will also be Ruto,” said a user.

“Ni mtu tu kama sisi…sisi ndio tumemfanya akuwe vile ako. Nothing big hapo,” said Blessed Alice.

“I can’t imagine because he is not Jesus,” added Simoo Yule Msee.

Several other commenters reiterated Simon’s comment, telling off the politician that President Ruto was not Jesus to be there for everyone just because he (the politician) asked on social media.

“Mwambie atoke Tik Tok waKenya wanakufa njaa,” said Edwin Watts445.

“Is it a big deal provided mko na yeye hapa planet Earth sio Mars, sisi wote ni marehemu watarajiwa,” laughed Ishmail Nganga.

“I will tell him the truth that he has failed Kenyans and I will never forgive him. He should just go,” added Edith Sakwa.

“Mwambie apunguze mafuta,” said Bella Najju.

“Mimi ningemwambia anatukalia sana bana hata hatupumui,” added Ruth Mwavughanga.

“He is just a man, with a president title,” said Allan Keym.

“Huyu jamaa anataka kutuangamiza Kenya hii na KRA, government didn’t provide jobs tukaamua tujitafutie tena anatufuata?” asked Waz.

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