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Rising trend of celebrities becoming victims of theft: Top 5 incidences

In recent times, a disconcerting pattern has emerged, shedding light on the growing issue of overzealous fans resorting to theft from their beloved celebrities across Africa.

These incidents have raised concerns about the blurred line between admiration and criminal behaviour. Here’s a glimpse into some notable cases:

1. Diamond Platnumz loses flashy watches to signature caps

Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz fell victim to an audacious fan who managed to snatch his flashy accessories during a public appearance.

In August 2022, valuable jewellery was stolen from Diamond as he made his way to the stage in Lubumbashi, DR Congo.

A video posted on Instagram captured the chaotic moment when fans grabbed his accessories, including sunglasses, a beanie hat, and jewellery.

In a throwback video shot in 2018, Diamond lost his treasured white gold and diamond chains during the first Wasafi Festival held in Mtwara Region.

Diamond gets his vintage Grass HWC Celtics Cap from Mitchell & Ness snatched by a fan in the crowd. PHOTO| COURTESY

Another video shot in December 2023, capturing the moment when a daring fan snatched his signature green baseball cap, has gone viral.

The footage reveals Diamond, surrounded by an entourage of heavy security, making his way through a lively crowd.

Dressed in a sleek black outfit and a matching green cover-up shirt, the ‘Yatapita’ hitmaker sported his iconic Grass HWC Celtics Cap from Mitchell & Ness, completing his distinctive look.

As Diamond navigated through the crowd towards his waiting car, a hand emerged from the throng, swiftly grabbing the coveted cap.

The artist was visibly stunned, making a brief pause to assess the situation before continuing towards his vehicle, disappointment evident on his face at the loss of his possession.

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2. Yemi Alade: Concert glam turned nightmare

Nigerian singer Yemi Alade fell victim to thieves who ransacked her hotel room, stealing her liquid cash after a concert. Expressing her frustration on social media, Yemi Alade shared her disappointment and informed fans that the hotel management was investigating the incident through CCTV footage.

“A few minutes after I left my room, some unknown people decided to go through my things and steal!” announced the Nigerian singer.

The upset singer went on to highlight that after the thieves had rummaged through her bags they made off with all the liquid cash she had travelled with.

Nigerian songbird Yemi Alade (centre) and Sauti Sol's Chimano make a toast during the release party of her latest studio album 'Woman of Steel' in Nairobi. PHOTO | THOMAS MATIKO
Nigerian songbird Yemi Alade (centre) and Sauti Sol’s Chimano make a toast during the release party of her latest studio album ‘Woman of Steel’ in Nairobi. PHOTO | THOMAS MATIKO

She did not highlight if she’d lost any other valuables or clothes.

“They took all the money they could find. Very good.” Wrote Yemi.

Yemi highlighted that she had no hopes of recovering the stolen money as she had a feeling it was all gone by now.

“We are investigating it. We are looking through the cameras and all. But I know the money is all gone by now,” Yemi replied.

She also gave an update saying that some of the people who had been interrogated regarding the theft were all denying it.

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3. Burna Boy: Kicks fan who tried stealing his rings

During a performance in Zambia in March 2019, Nigerian artist Burna Boy kicked a fan who was attempting to steal one of his rings. The incident showcased Burna Boy’s vigilance as he swiftly reacted to protect his belongings while delivering an electrifying performance.

While he was busy performing his hit song Gbona, a fan, whose face was not shown in the viral video was trying to remove one of his rings. But Burna Boy was onto the fan.

He kicked the fan before shifting to the other side of the stage to entertain the crowd.

Nigerian dancehall artiste Burna Boy during a past performance in Nairobi. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

4. Akothee: Financial losses and trust issues

Award-winning singer Akothee faced a different form of theft as a significant sum of money was allegedly stolen from her bank account. Akothee publicly exposed the alleged thief and questioned the trustworthiness of banks, sparking discussions about the need for increased vigilance by account holders.

Akothee publicly exposed the person she claims stole a substantial sum of money from her bank account.

“I just wonder if a whole institution can handle their premium client like this with a relationship manager, how about the rest? This is the thief who siphoned my money, Simon Kipngetich Tonui,” she wrote.

According to a charge sheet shared by Akothee on Instagram on October 18, Simon Kipngetich Tonui faced charges related to the alleged theft of Sh717,111.

Kenyan musician Esther Akoth aka Akothee. PHOTO | COURTESY

The purported criminal activities are said to have occurred on various dates between August 7 and September 15, 2023.

The charge sheet shared by Akothee against Tonui outlines a series of offences, including the theft of an Absa Bank Kenya Limited Visa Business Debit Card valued at Sh460.

The card was registered under the name of Esther Akoth Kokeyo.

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5. Wizkid: Slapping necklace snatchers 

In December 2023, Wizkid was caught on video slapping a fan attempting to steal his diamond necklace during a hangout with Davido.

This action occurred when both stars seemed distracted and were spraying money for their fans before; suddenly, Wizkid was seen dazing the daylight out of a guy trying to hijack his necklace.

Nigerian sensation Wizkid performs on stage during his concert in Nairobi. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU
Nigerian sensation Wizkid performs on stage during his concert in Nairobi. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

The growing number of such incidents has become a cause for worry, prompting celebrities, event organizers, and security agencies to reevaluate strategies to ensure the safety and well-being of public figures.

The fine line between admiration and criminal behaviour continues to be a topic of concern, urging a collective effort to address and prevent such occurrences in the future.