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List of businesses in Switzerland owned by Denis Schweizer, Akothee’s ex-husband

Akothee’s former spouse, Denis Eduard Schweizer emerges as a shrewd entrepreneur. Their high-profile wedding at Nairobi’s Windsor Golf Club drew the attention of the elite. Despite the public fascination, Schweizer remained largely mysterious.

Before any insights into his persona could be unveiled, Akothee declared the end of their marriage merely two months after the lavish ceremony.

Schweizer has yet to share his perspective on the events leading to the separation. The elusive nature of his personal life has prompted Nairobi News to delve into government documents, unraveling the business paper trail of the three companies under his ownership.

As of 2024, Schweizer, a Swiss businessman of repute, is recognised for his adept management and establishment of diverse enterprises.

His business portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum, incorporating services in accounting and auditing, creative planning and cultural services, and the automotive sector.

Schweizer’s Accounting Expertise with Swiss Accounting Agency GmbH

Situated in Köniz, Switzerland, Swiss Accounting Agency GmbH, a limited liability company, operates under the astute guidance of Denis Eduard Schweizer. Specialising in accounting, auditing, and tax advisory services, the company recently underwent notable changes. According to documents sourced from “,” on December 14, 2022, Schweizer, the owner, and managing director orchestrated the relocation of its headquarters to Mühleberg, with the domicile shifting to Murtenstrasse 2, 3203 Mühleberg.

Creative Planning and Cultural Services with Concept & Co GmbH

Formerly known as Grow Farm GmbH, Concept & Co GmbH, another venture spearheaded by Schweizer, is located in Köniz, Switzerland.

This limited liability company focuses on planning and services in architecture and culture, developing new business ideas and concepts.

Schweizer’s influence is palpable, as evidenced by the name change on April 14, 2022, and the subsequent relocation of its headquarters to Mühleberg, with the domicile now situated at Murtenstrasse 2, 3203 Mühleberg.

Schweizer holds the position of partner and chairman of the management.*

Automotive Ventures with RS Petrol GmbH

Adding another layer to his diversified portfolio, Schweizer established RS Petrol GmbH in Mühleberg, Switzerland.

This company specialises in trading vehicle parts, particularly vehicle tires, and operates gas stations.

Founded on February 19, 2021, Schweizer, as a partner and chairman of the management, steers the company towards potential growth.

RS Petrol GmbH may establish branches domestically and internationally, participate in other companies, and engage in acquisitions or mergers, showcasing a strategic vision for the future.*

Schweizer’s business ventures mirror a diversified and strategic approach, spanning accounting and auditing, creative planning and cultural services, and the automotive sector.

His ability to navigate and excel in multiple industries underscores an entrepreneurial spirit that significantly contributes to the dynamic landscape of Swiss business.

As he continues to leave an indelible mark on various sectors, Schweizer stands as an exemplar of successful and diversified entrepreneurship.