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Rita Tinina’s wedding dreams recalled by former cabinet minister Fred Gumo

Former Cabinet Minister Fred Gumo has reminisced about the unfulfilled wedding plans of the late NTV journalist Rita Tinina during her requiem mass on Monday, March 25.

Gumo, who revealed that he was Robert Nagila’s uncle, expressed his anticipation for Rita’s wedding day, which sadly never came to pass.

The prominent politician recounted how Rita repeatedly assured him that her wedding day with Robert Nagila, her partner, was imminent.

“When I heard this news, I was away in Kitale. I was surprised because it came as a shock, I didn’t believe it because I knew Rita, and each time I met her, I asked her when is this joyful day coming,” Gumo shared.

He continued, “When is it, you cannot be friends forever? She kept on telling me, ‘Mheshimiwa, don’t worry, the day will come.'”

Gumo also recalled questioning Rita about the impending wedding during Nagila’s father’s funeral, where he described Nagila’s father as his cousin and close friend.

“Even when we were at Bob’s father’s funeral, I asked her again, when is this day coming? She kept on telling me, ‘Mheshimiwa, the day is coming,'” Gumo added.

The former MP expressed his sadness at the turn of events, reflecting on Rita’s untimely departure from life.

“Bob, as you have been told, is like my son. His father was my cousin, and we were also very close friends. I don’t know that the day that was coming was this particular day, which is sad and that which I didn’t want to come to, but it is all God’s wish and as you all know, when God wants you, you will have to go,” Gumo concluded.

The requiem mass is currently ongoing at the Holy Family Basilica in Nairobi.

Tinina died of severe pneumonia, an autopsy conducted on her body has revealed.

She will be buried on Wednesday, March 27 in Narok at the family’s home, Noosupeni Farm Olokirikirai.