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Rogue drivers fined heavily for flouting traffic rules

A court in Kisii has made landmark rulings as the countrywide clampdown on rogue drivers continues with death toll from road accidents during the festive season on the upsurge.

Mr Godfrey Omwocha, the driver of Toyota matatu (reg KCL 139N) belonging to Kisii Prestige Sacco, was fined Sh200,000 for driving unroadworthy vehicle after tampering with the car’s speed governor.

Another accused, Josiah Mogire, a driver of Scania bus (reg KBR 954K) belonging to Nyamira Express, was also charged with inconveniencing other road users by stopping his vehicle in the middle of the road hence causing obstruction.

Mr Mogire was fined Sh150,000.

Since the roll out of the Fika Salama Campaign, by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), over 1,000 cases of traffic violation have been handled.