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Ruai woman on the spot for threatening to kill mother

A woman accused of beating and issuing death threats to her mother has been charged with threatening to kill contrary to section 223 (1) of the Penal Code.

Ann Wambui is accused of threatening to kill her mother, Jane Muthoni, at her house in Ruai, Nairobi, on September 14, 2023.

The accused person, 30,  is alleged to have uttered words “nakwambianga nitakuua na huskiangi, nitakuua saa hii”, to her mother Ms Jane Muthoni.

Police and the state prosecution office believe these words, which are translated in English to mean; (I have been warning you that I will kill you and you have never taken me seriously. I can kill you right now) amounted to threats to the complainants life.

Ms Muthoni was inside her house when she discovered that one of the items she uses in her business was missing and she went to her daughter’s (Wambui’s) bedroom to ask if she knew where it was.

However, the suspect is said to have woken up and issued the death threats to her mother who fled the room as she pursued her.

The suspect is alleged to have followed her mother to the sitting room where she wrestled her to the ground and pulled her hair as she screamed for help.

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A neighbor intervened and rescued the complainant from her daughter and escorted the complainant out of the house.

Ms Muthoni reported the incident to the police and officers visited the complainant’s home where they recovered a hammer beneath a pillow and panga beside the suspect’s bed.

The items have been kept as exhibits in the case against Ms Wambui.

The suspect denied the charges before Principal Magistrate Irene Gichobi of the Makadara Law Courts.

She was released on a cash bail of Sh30, 000. The case will be mentioned on November 11, 2023, before hearing starts on February 26, 2024.

Ms Muthoni has fled her home and sought accommodation elsewhere fearing for her life.

Her neighbor who rescued her is listed as a witness in the case alongside two police officers.