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Judy Nyawira’s heartfelt tribute to her mother’s unwavering love

In a candid and emotionally charged interview with CTA, Abel Mutua’s wife, Judy Nyawira shared a story of her challenging childhood, shaped by the loss of her father in 2002.

Judy’s mother had to take on the role of a sweeper at a nearby market, facing the daily struggle of earning a small wage of only 200 bob.

As a result, Judy and her siblings had to switch from private schools to public ones.

Judy now says her deepest prayer to God is to fulfill her mother’s heart’s desires after enduring a long journey of hardships together.

“I didn’t come here for me. I didn’t come to talk about me; I came here for my mum,” Judy declared.

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The mother of one said her heartfelt wish is to witness her mother bask in a life brimming with peace, financial stability, happiness, and unbridled joy during her golden years.

Judy’s prayer is simple yet profound:

“My one prayer to God is to live long enough to see my mum live the life she deserves. That is the only thing I need; that is my prayer. To live long on this earth so I can fulfill all the desires of my mum’s heart. Because in her later years, she deserves to live a life full of peace, money, happiness, joy, and a soft life. She deserves it a hundred percent. People talk of legacies; that is what I want. It is the only thing that if I fulfill, then I know for sure I have done my part,” Judy expressed.

During the interview, Judy’s host, Richard ‘Astar’ Njau, was deeply moved by her heartfelt words and emotions.

Filled with admiration for Judy’s love and dedication to her mother, Richie made an unexpected and heartwarming gesture.

He reached out to Judy and requested her mother’s phone number so that he could send her some financial assistance, a meaningful start towards the ‘soft life’ that Judy envisions for her.

“One of the things that God has done with this CTA is given me convictions. So Judy, what is an MPesa number that I can send you something to just start a soft life for your mother? This is for you to spoil your mum.”

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